Write a test to identify sugar in blood

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Blood Sugar Test

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Blood Sugar Test

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Urine Tests for Diabetes: Glucose Levels and Ketones

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A blood sugar test measures the amount of a sugar called glucose in a sample of your blood. Glucose is a major source of energy for most cells of the body, including brain cells. Glucose is a building block for carbohydrates. Then you put the test strip into a meter that shows your blood sugar level.

You get results in less than 15 seconds and can store this information for future use. A blood sugar test is a procedure that measures the amount of sugar, or glucose, in your blood. Your doctor may order this test to help diagnose diabetes. People with diabetes can also use this.

Oct 23,  · Blood sugar is sometimes measured as part of a routine blood examination in hospital or at the doctor’s. A special kind of test called a glucose tolerance test also involves taking blood samples to see how the body deals with larger amounts of sugar.

Doctors give unbiased, helpful information on indications, contra-indications, benefits, and complications: Dr. Singh on glucose tolerance test results chart: There is a set of rules for interpreting the results of ogt and it should be done by your doctor.

Write a test to identify sugar in blood
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