Indigenous knowledge and scientific knowledge

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Traditional knowledge

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Underground authors acknowledge differences between IK and death. The encyclopedia is their world and they too in harmony with it and so make it tenaciously. Defining indigenous knowledge is not a straightforward task.

The source of this AOK are indigenous societies that speak different languages. “Nature is a source of knowledge Indigenous science and knowledge are based largely on bioindicators, or natural signs.”.

She explained that “traditional knowledge, which is the same thing as “Indigenous science, ” has been vital for the survival of Aboriginal people. A hunter-gatherer culture depended on information about the movement of animals, changes in the weather, and the medicinal properties of plants, for instance.

Scientists usually justify the distinction between ‘Indigenous Knowledge’ and ‘Scientific Knowledge’ by saying that science is a term and a type of knowledge known worldwide but ‘Indigenous Knowledge’ is knowledge known only by a particular culture and relates to the way they perceive the world.

The attempt to create two categories of knowledge-- indigenous/traditional vs. Western/scientific--ultimately rests on the possibility that a small and finite number. Knowledge that is to be communicated to promote farming methods that ease climate change should be drawn and designed based on the combined strength of scientific knowledge and indigenous knowledge.

As is the case with Western science, Indigenous science is the practical application of theories of knowledge about the nature of the world and increasingly Indigenous people are incorporating Western scientific knowledge into their practices.

Common questions Indigenous knowledge and scientific knowledge
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