How to write a template function in c++

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Templates and Template Classes in C++

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An Idiot's Guide to C++ Templates - Part 1

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Variadic function

Classes (II) Overloading operators Classes, essentially, define new types to be used in C++ code. And types in C++ not only interact with code by means of constructions and assignments. This page is a collection of the best C++ criticism by FQA readers, copied from e-mail messages and online discussions.

If you know an interesting consequence of C++ problems not mentioned in the FQA, please send me accademiaprofessionebianca.comrly to the FQA errors page, this one lists things that can be proved / tested rather than qualitative statements. The stuff is published with credits or anonymously.

Function Templates; Class Templates; C++ templates is a programming model that allows plugging-in of any data-type to the code (templated code).

Without template, you would need to replicate same code all over again and again, for all required data-types.

A template parameter is a special kind of parameter that can be used to pass a type as argument: just like regular function parameters can be used to pass values to a function, template parameters allow to pass also types to a function.

In C++, function templates are functions that serve as a pattern for creating other similar functions. The basic idea behind function templates is to create a function without having to specify the exact type(s) of some or all of the variables.

How to write a template function in c++
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