How to write a literature review paper for nursing

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Professional Nursing Literature Review Sample

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How to Write a Review of Literature for Nursing Research

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Writing Literature Reviews in Nursing Most nursing papers follow a standard format that includes some or all of the following sections: an introduction, statement of the research question, background and significance of the topic, methods (of.

Writing a literature review for nursing is an excellent way to become acquainted with a specific area of research. The purpose is to critically evaluate the published body of knowledge on your topic. Instead of a long summary of the research, your review should add value to the literature through the identification of important research gaps.

Undertaking a Literature Review: A Step-by-Step Approach Undertaking a Literature Review: A Step-by-Step Approach Article written by P.

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Cronin, F. Ryan, M. Coughlan & published in British Journal of Nursing,vol. 17, No.

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1. Feelings & Thoughts: The main goal in geriatric nursing is to make the client comfortable and assure them that their comfort is important. Proper pain assessment and the information gathered are crucial to effective treatment. Two barriers exist in the message getting through – nurse awareness and staff time to implement it.

A literature review is an essay that surveys, summarizes, links together, and assesses research in a given field.

It surveys the literature by reviewing a large body of work on a subject; it summarizes by noting the main conclusions and findings of the research; it links together works in the literature by showing how the information fits into the overall academic discussion and how the. A literature review is a critical summary of research on a topic.

In other words, it explains the ways scholars have addressed a topic. It is prepared to put a research problem in context or to summarize exisiting evidence.

How to write a literature review paper for nursing
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