How to write a art press release

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Creating avenues to a life in the arts

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3 Examples Of Art Press Releases That Get Attention

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Free press release website for online press release distribution to social media and news media. Submit paid and free press release. Press releases can be a helpful tool for artists who want to bring awareness to their art, successfully market and advertise their brand, as well as get people to their website or portfolio.

But what exactly is a press release? A press release is defined as “a prepared statement about something deemed newsworthy that will be distributed in the news media to gain attention.”. Write for editors - Your job is to write a press release that makes writers/editors (those people who review and approve press releases), want to read it -- and use it.

If you fail to do that, there is no chance for your press release to see print. Writing press releases for exhibitions is an essential task for any commercial gallery as they often serve as the first introduction to the show for the public, collectors, and most importantly, press.

Press releases can have a major effect on whether people visit, review, and ultimately buy from exhibitions. The Passion of Kathleen Munn is a collaboration between the Art Gallery of Ontario and the Art Gallery of Windsor (AGW).

How To Effectively Write Your Book Launch Press Release

Georgiana Uhlyarik, assistant curator, Canadian art at the AGO, has amassed important loans from private collections as well as archival. Welcome To The; The FREE press release distribution service used by countless businesses and individuals every day!

How To Write A Press Release That Doesn’t Completely Suck

We offer free press release submission and press release distribution along with sample press releases and press release writing tips.

How to write a art press release
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