How can accountability be better managed in long global supply chain

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Developing Sustainable. Supply Chains Contexts of Procurement and Supply CIPS Diploma in Procurement & Supply Learning Objective One Added Value.


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Gateway’s advanced network of warehousing services, ground and ocean logistics makes it easy and affordable to ship heavyweight products from anywhere in the world, to homes across North America.

Corporate leaders orchestrating long supply chains can shrug and claim ignorance about appalling wages, long hours, child labor, safety violations, attacks on union leaders and whistleblowers.

Yet consumers are increasingly informed by the same information technology that allows apparel makers to spread around the globe. To continually manage costs and improve performance, a company must be able to not only select the right supply chain partner but more importantly monitor and proactively manage quality in the supply chain.

Yet, the majority of companies only establish quality performance and measurement programs with less than 1/3 2 of the total supply base.

How can accountability be better managed in long global supply chain
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